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Your Friendly Neighborhood Repair Shop!
A business built on over 25 years of professional experince in technology.

Service Area

We serve residents & visitors of Sublette County.

We'd love to help you, whether you are in Big Piney, Bondurant, Boulder, Cora, Daniel, Marbleton, or Pinedale.


Hardware - fixing & replacing components & peripherals.

Software - fixing & replacing drivers, operating systems, programs.



Scans - find & remove malware, bloatware, system corruption.

Updates - install firmware, operating system, & security updates.

Physical Cleaning - dust off fans & heat sinks, clean screens & keyboards.


Data Recovery

Recover Data - pull files off old or failing computer & drives, then transfer to an external drive or a different computer. If we can't retrieve your data we'll help you get to our data recovery partners.


New/Refurbished Computers

New PC Setup - custom installations of Windows, de-bloated, more private, with great freeware.

Purchase Assistance - get help getting what you actually need.

Mobile Devices

Repairs/replacements - sceens, batteries, and more.

Recovery - limited recovery assistance.



HDD to SSD - change your storage drive to a faster, more reliable device.

Other Hardware - get more or better components.

OS - move to a newer operating system.

New or Refurbished Computer - transfer your OS or files, or start fresh.


VHS & Slide Conversions

Get your media on DVD, BluRay or an external drive.




Audio/Visual (A/V), Home Theater


Security Systems



Contact Us


Phone: 307-231-5094

Mailing: PO Box 687 PMB 19; Pinedale, WY 82941


Monday - Friday: 9am-5pm
Saturday: Emergency Only, Double Shop Rate
Sunday: Closed

*We may be out of the office on a call.


219 E Pine St

Suite #203
Pinedale, WY 82941

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